YouTube shuts down its YouTube Create program for partner apps

YouTube shuts down its YouTube Create program for partner apps


YouTube (s GOOG) is shutting down YouTube Create at the end of this month, ending what was supposed to be a promotion of both the YouTube API and third-party apps taking advantage of it. YouTube Create was launched some 18 months ago as a showcase for third-party video editors like WeVideo, Vibop and Magisto. Here’s how YouTube described Create at launch:

“The idea is simple. The third-party application runs in an HTML iframe on YouTube. The user creates a video with the application, and then the application uploads the video to YouTube for the user to watch and share.”

However, it looks like Create never got all that much traction, which is why YouTube is now shutting the showcase down on January 31. Apps featured on Create will still be able to make use of the YouTube API after that date, which allows them to essentially operate as external…

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