Video: Is this Apple’s iOS 7 running on an iPad, or just a tease of what to expect?

Top 5 Microorganism Videos of 2012

A microorganism video could be a visual treat that gains mass quality on the net through technological viva-voice spreading via social media, websites, e-mails, etc. These videos square measure a method to unfold concepts, typically public humour for comic relief or to promote a product. Here’s a compilation of the foremost microorganism videos of 2012

1. Kony

Joseph Kony could be a terrorist heading the LRA(Lord’s Resistance Army), a Ugandan guerilla cluster, accussed of the many crimes against humanity like abducent kids to coach as troopers or being oversubscribed as sex-slaves. The video Kony 2012, created by Invisible kids, Inc., dropped at lightweight the brutality of Kony and his organisation. The aim of this video was to instigate the capture of Kony. several celebrities additionally Lent their voice to the present cause like Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey.

2. Gangnam Style

Psy may be a South Korean rapper, musician and dancer WHO primarily shot to fame nearly long with ‘Gangnam Style’. it’s largely him doing associate completely ridiculous, singular dance move throughout the video to a hypnotic techno track encircled by horses, a diversion child, stunning girls, a carousel, commuters and previous folks. The video even hold a Guinness record for many Youtube likes. t’s a mystery what you’ll credit the video’s success to however some may say his dance moves and swag count.

3. Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb ways that to Die could be a humorous infective agent video free within the interest of public safety for the Australian railway line, by designer general Frost. it’s associate degree associate degreeimation on the various dumb ways that to die (obviously!) with an inclusion on however being killed by a railway line train is one amongst them. The simplicity and comic issue of the video lends it it’s quality among the plenty

4. Catch the Ice Dude

As much as we tend to hate to fancy from another’s humiliation, it’s usually an honest supply of diversion as is that this video. This German diver did not quite go down in a very splash and will be scarred from his debacle however his friends thought to worsen his state of affairs by recording and golf stroke his entire ordeal on-line. This video offers masses laughs and caution for anyone UN agency is fascinated by ice acrobatics.

5. Best Job

Procter and Gamble discharged an advert laudatory mother’s worldwide before the London athletics. The video options mothers from everywhere the globe sharing their journeys on raising their young Olympians. It plays on sentimentalism and piggybacking on the new topic at the time – The athletics.

Australia vs South Africa 2006 5th ODI (Record Total) Highlights

Australia vs South Africa 2006 5th ODI (Record Total) Highlights

Cricket Live Videos

South Africa v Australia

South Africa won by 1 wicket (with 1 ball remaining)

Video Highlights:

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Scratching The Surface

Scratching The Surface


I’m watching this video and all I can think is “I bet every actor and actress in it, with the possible exception of the elderly couple, probably use Macs, iPads and iPhones in real life.” They wouldn’t be caught dead with a Microsoft product.

If they aren’t it’s only because their parents wouldn’t buy them something from Apple.

These new Surface products look great and I’ll be trying them out.

Just like I tried out the Zune back in the day. They had great commercials, too.

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Chris ‘Gangnam’ Style: West Indian braves invoke ‘Reign Dance’ at World T20 2012

Chris ‘Gangnam’ Style: West Indian braves invoke ‘Reign Dance’ at World T20 2012

Make Time For Sports.

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Watch “Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!”

Watch “Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!”

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