E3 2015: Bethesda’s new real life iPhone Pip Boy for Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls for iOS, more


Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

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I feel this giant weight lifted off my shoulders now that I am finally getting the bulk of the coverage from the last few weeks up on the site. Haha, I was beginning to get slightly stressed-out about when to schedule all these updates to go up because there is still so much going on this summer. I have to head to Seattle this weekend for work and the following weekend I fly to Chicago to attend a Gridlife/Fatlace event. I’ve never been out there for anything automotive-related before so it should be interesting. After I get back from Chicago, I think I may have a free week until my buddy Yasu from Japan comes into town. He’s in need of some rest and relaxation so I told him to fly over to the U.S. so he could check out the Norcal Wekfest event. He’s never been to Northern California…

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Alphabets For Good Boys

Alphabets For Good Boys….


Now here are the alphabets that make sense:

A – Antiquity
B – Black Label
C – Chivas Regal
D – Directors Special
E – Eight PM
F – Fuel/Fosters
G – Green Label
H – Haywards
I – Imperial Blue
J – Johny Walker
K – Kingfisher
L – Löndon Pilsner
M – McDowell No 1
N – Napolean Rum
O – Old Monk
P – Peter Scott
R – Royal Stag
S – Signature
T – Tequilla
U – Urrack
V – Vat 69
W – White Mischief
X – XXX Rum
Y – Yankey
Z – Zingaro

Cheers n Enjoy…

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How to use Google calculator with expressions

How to use Google calculator with expressions

How to use the Google calculator:


Google’s calculator tries to understand the problem you are attempting to solve without requiring you to use special syntax. However, it may be helpful to know the most direct way to pose a question to get the best results. Listed below are a few suggestions for the most common type of expressions (and a few more esoteric ones).

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Days of the Week (Cat Version) : -How do you feel right now? {Click on Blog to view all images}

The Cat Corner


So, how do you feel at this moment? 🙂
Me, I feel like a Thursday at this moment, because I finally passed my exams 😀


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Google files free speech challenge to FISA gag orders, renews criticism of Guardian


Google(s goog) has asked a secret Washington court to declare that it has a right under the First Amendment to disclose the number of security letters it receives under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Such letters, which the government uses to obtain phone and internet data about foreign nationals, are currently subject to an automatic gag order that forbids companies from disclosing their very existence.

On Tuesday, Google said it is filing a petition to the secret court, known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The petition, embedded below, notes that the search giant has already received information from the FBI to publish the number of so-called National Security Letters it receives — these are similar to FISA letters but cover US citizens.

The Google petition comes as a brouhaha continues to rage over the revelation of secret government programs, such as PRISM, that collect meta-data on phone and internet users.


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Video: Is this Apple’s iOS 7 running on an iPad, or just a tease of what to expect?