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So, how do you feel at this moment? 🙂
Me, I feel like a Thursday at this moment, because I finally passed my exams 😀


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A Tribute To Isaignani Ilayaraja-100 Meter Long 1000 Kg Cake

Longest Photo Cake honouring Maestro Ilayaraja

Isaignani Ilayaraja The French Loaf bakery chain’s longest photo cake event is back! The cake will be unveiled at the Express Avenue Mall on 2nd October 2012. The cake will weigh 1000 kilograms stretching across 100 metres and will be created as part of the Joy of Giving Week to support Chennai based NGO Ekam Foundation.
The cake itself will pay tribute to India’s highly acclaimed musician Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja. Approximately 500 kilos of chocolate powder, 300 kilos of chocolate, 200 kilos of fresh cream and 1000 icing sheets will go into making the special eggless chocolate cake. 1000 photographs of the maestro spanning his musical career will adorn the cake.

Isaignani IlayarajaThe proceeds of the sales from the photo cake will go to Ekam Foundation which provides medical support to underprivileged children from many parts of Tamil Nadu ensuring every child’s right to health is respected.
The cake is being prepared by The French Loaf with the help of over 30 chefs engaged in the baking and assembling processes, and will be on display for public from 4.00 PM onwards at the mall.

Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja will be the guest of honour at the event and many other celebrities and prominent figures of the Tamil cinema industry are expected to support the event with their presence.

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SEMA 2012 Coverage

SEMA 2012 Coverage

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Though we are already heading into Part 3 of the SEMA 2012 coverage, the photos you’ve been seeing the last two days have mostly been from my first day at the SEMA show. For this third installment, we’ll be taking a look at some cars from the SEMA show that I first saw upon my arrival at the Las Vegas Convention Center on day two. I wanted to make sure that I walked around outside of the show, in the sections furthest away from the actual halls, because there are often some really great builds there. From my experience, some of the coolest cars are actually outside…you just have to go find them. The Meguiar’s area always has some nice cars as does the Mother’s booth. In between you’ll find some random cars here and there and that sometimes is where some of the most unique cars are…

I know…

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Popular Dictators of All Time

A dictator is a ruler who assumes sole and supreme power but without inherited ascension. Most of the dictators successfully do it and others are just being called dictators as a formality. Few of these dictators drew special attention and became infamous because of the atrocities they carried out.

Here is the list of the most popular dictators of all time. Some were good, some tried too, others just didn’t want to be.

Muammar al-Qaddafi (Libya)


Gained power in 1969. He helped Libya a lot but at the same time, did some unethical things too. A group started to protest against Qaddaffi due to his crimes against humanities and caught him on 20th October, 2011 and killed him.

King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)


The king of Saudi Arabia was enthroned on August 3, 2005. He is one of the world’s oldest reigning monarchs. He topped the 500 Most Influential Muslims list for two uninterrupted years in 2009 and 2010.

Fidel Castro (Cuba)


Castro was the prime minister of cuba from 1959 to 1976 and then stayed president from 1976 to 2008. In 1961, his anti-imperialist views, as well as a suspected relationship with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrishchev alarmed United States. They wanted to end his government. To counter this threat, Castro allowed soviet union to store nuclear weapons which led to the event Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)


He was elected into power in 1980. Became the head of state in 1987. Mugabe-led government embarked on a controversial fast-track land reform due to which several sanctions were imposed on him by the US government.

Hosni Mubarak (Egypt)


Former Egyptian politician and military commander. Served as the fourth president of Egypt from 1982 to 2011. He was the longest serving ruler of the Egypt. Egypt military was of the view that he was involved in the assassination of his predecessor Anwar Sadat.

Adolf Hitler (Germany)

Adolf Hitler

A German politician and the leader of National Socialist German Workers Party. He was the chancellor of Germany and also the head of the state. Killing Jews was his hobby and he wanted to end the race of Jews.

Ayub Khan (Pakistan)


He was 5 stars ranked General and Field Marshal in the Pakistan Army and the first military dictator. Served as the second president of Pakistan from 1958 to 1969. He became the first native Commander in Chief in 1951. Khan was frustrated from the country’s corruption and that’s why introduced martial law and became the president of the country.

Bashar al Assad (Syria)


President of Syria and Regional Secretary of the Ba’ath Party. Al Assad was elected in 2000 and 2007 but was unopposed each time.

Saddam Hussein (Iraq)

Saddam Hussein

5th president of Iraq and also a leading member of the Ba’ath Party. In 2003 US invaded Iraq due to the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ( however there were not any ). On 5 November 2006, he was convicted of charges related to the 1982 killing of 148 Iraqi and was sentenced to death by hanging.

Idi Amin (Uganda)


A military leader and president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. His rule was categorized by human rights abuse, political repression, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption and miss management.

Greatest Paintings of All Time

  • Bosch: The Garden of Delights (1504) – Prado, Madrid
  • Michelangelo: Il Giudizio Universale/ Universal Judgement (1541) – Cappella Sistina, Roma
  • Ernst: Europe After the Rain II (1942) – Sumner Collection, Hartford
  • Klimt: Beethovenfries (1902) – Sezession, Wien
  • Dali: Persistence of Memory (1931) – Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Klimt: The Virgin (1913) – National Gallery, Prague
  • Bosch: The Last Judgement (1505) – Gemaldegalerie der Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Wien
  • Klimt: The Kiss (1908) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Botticelli: Allegoria della Primavera (1478) – Uffizi, Firenze
  • Monet: Nimphee (1926) – Orangerie, Paris
  • Dali: Metamorphose de Narcisse (1937) – Tate Gallery, London
  • Leonardo: Il Cenacolo/ The Last Supper (1497) – S.Maria delle Grazie, Milano
  • Rubens: Fall of the Damned/ Der Hollensturz der Verdammten
  • Uccello: Battaglia di San Romano/Part I (1456) – Uffizi, Firenze
  • Van Gogh: Starry Night (1889) – Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Raffaello: Sposalizio della Vergine (1504) – Piancoteca di Brera, Milano
  • Dali: Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (1936) – Museum of Art, Philadelphia
  • Bruegel: Triumph of Death (1562) – Prado, Madrid
  • Botticelli: Nascita di Venere (1485) – Uffizi, Firenze
  • Rubens: The Adoration of the Magi, Prado, Madrid
  • Monet: Cathedrale de Rouen, Musee National d’Orsay, Paris
  • Greco: Toledo (1599) – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • Giotto: Cappella degli Scrovegni, Padova (1305)
  • Cranach: Flugelaltar mit dem Jungsten Gericht (1524) – Gemaldegalerie, Berlin
  • Seurat: La Parade du Cirque (1888) – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • Ernst: La Ville Entiere (1936) – Kunsthaus, Zurich
  • Rembrandt: Militia Company (1642) – Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  • Van Eyck: Madonna in the Church (1425) – Gemaldegalerie, Berlin
  • Bruegel: The Battle Between Carnival and Lent (1559) – Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien
  • Leonardo: Gioconda/ Mona Lisa (1505) – Louvre, Paris
  • Raffaello: Trasfigurazione (1519) – Pinacoteca Vaticana, Roma
  • Rousseau: Sleeping Gypsy (1897) – Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Piero della Francesca: Leggenda della Vera Croce (1460) – S.Francesco, Arezzo
  • Van Gogh: Potato Eaters (1885) – Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  • Bruegel: Dutch Proverbs (1559) – Gemaldegalerie, Berlin
  • Greco: La Crucifixion (1594) – Prado, Madrid
  • Seurat: La Grande Jatte (1886) – Art Institute, Chicago
  • Altdorfer: The Battle of Alexander the Great (1529) – Alte Pinakothek, Munchen
  • Monet: The Grainstack (1896) – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Klee: Ad Marginen (1930) – Kunstmuseum, Basel
  • Rembrandt: Belshazzar’s Feast (1635) – National Gallery, London
  • Van Gogh: Cypresses (1889) – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • Rubens: St Agustine, National Gallery, Prague
  • Van Eyck: Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife (1434) – National Gallery, London
  • Renoir: Bal du Moulin de la Galette (1876) – Musee National d’Orsay, Paris
  • Renoir: Le Dejeuner des Canotiers (1881) – Phillips Collection, Washington
  • Goya: Aquelarre/ Il Grande Caprone (1821) – Prado, Madrid
  • Velasquez: Las Meninas (1656) – Prado, Madrid
  • Chagall: I and the Village (1911) – Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Van der Weyden: Deposition (1435) – Prado, Madrid
  • Rembrandt: Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp (1632) – Mauritshuis, Den Haag
  • Van Eyck: Rinaldo e Armida, Louvre, Paris
  • Rousseau: Carnival Evening (1886) – Museum of Art, Philadelphia
  • Renoir: Les Parapluies/ The Umbrellas (1884) – National Gallery, London
  • Van Eyck: The Virgin of Ivers (1435) – Louvre, Paris
  • Goya: Asmodeo (1821) – Prado, Madrid
  • Greco: Lacoonte (1610) – National Gallery, Washington
  • Magritte: Specchio Falso (1928) – Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Magritte: Condition Humain (1934) – National Gallery, Washington
  • Giacometti: Das Kreisen der Planeten (1910) – Kunsthaus, Zurich
  • Tansey: Triumph over Mastery (1986) – #, #
  • Tansey: Forward Retreat (1986) – Broad Art Foundation, #
  • Tansey: Mont Sainte-Victoire (1987) – #, #
  • Millet: Harvesters Resting (1853)
  • Veronese: Nozze di Cana (1563) – Louvre, Paris
  • DeVries: Palastarchitektur mit Badernder (1596) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Velasquez: Las Hilanderas (166?) – Prado, Madrid
  • Memling: Johannesalterarn (1490) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Bruegel: Babel Tower (1563) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Bruegel: Procession to Calvary (1564) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Bruegel: Massacre of the Innocents (1567) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Bruegel: Bethlem (1566) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Cranach: Johan Friedun (1544) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Caravaggio: Davide/ Galea (1607) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Rubens: Stormy Landscape with Philomenon/ Gemitterland Schaft mit Philenen (1625) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Rubens: Feast of Venus/ Vennsfest (1637) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Rubens: Miracle of St Ignatz (1618) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Vermeer: Malkunst (1666) – Kunsthistorische Muzeum, Wien
  • Vermeer: The Astronomer (1668) – Louvre, Paris
  • Klimt: Judith I (1901) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Klimt: Melo (1912) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Paolo Uccello: Battaglia di San Romano/Part II (1456) – National Gallery, London
  • Paolo Uccello: Battaglia di San Romano/Part III (1456) – Louvre, Paris
  • Paolo Uccello: San Giorgio e il Dragone – National Gallery, London
  • Klimt: Avenue Schloss Kaven (1912) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Klimt: Beechwood (1903) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Klimt: Fritza Riedler (1906) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Klimt: Adele Blochbauer (1907) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Schiele: Death and the Maiden (1915) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Schiele: Mother with two children (1917) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Schiele: Rainerbub (1910) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Schiele: Family (1917) – Belvedere, Wien
  • Bruegel: Sermon of St John 1566, Szepmuveszen Muzeum, Budapest
  • Bruegel: Triumph of Death (15??) – Museum fur Gegenwartskunst, Basel
  • Holbein: Nikolaus Kratzer (1528) – Louvre, Paris
  • Holbein: Georg Gisze (1532) – Louvre, Paris
  • Holbein: Ambassadors (1533) – National Gallery, London
  • Rubens: Debarquement de Marie de Medicis (1625) – Louvre, Paris
  • Dali: Apoteosis of Homer, Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst, Munchen
  • Dali: L’Enigme du Desir (1929) – Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst, Munchen

A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery

I Love Upstate New York


Thompson Park

While the weather in Upstate New York this Autumn hasn’t been remarkable, we did manage to get out this past week on some of the more glamourous days to catch sight of the foliage before it all blew off the trees. Here are some of our favorite shots:

TreeQueen Ann's LaceAutumn In DexterLeaves2MaxfieldSquirrelLeavesMagicFall In DexterField of DreamsLeaves In DexterFrost Part 2YellowJapanese SunsetCrowsDexterFrostBrilliance




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Prison in Sierra Leone

Freetown Central Prison is a prison in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The prison was built to house 220 prisoners in the pre-independence era and now holds around 1,000 prisoners. Many prisoners were subject to prolonged stays in holding cells because of a massive backlog in court cases. Scary photos……..

Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone
Prison in Sierra Leone

Congratulations to West Indies for winning the ICC WT20 2012

Congratulations to West Indies for winning the ICC WT20 2012

Windies dance their way to T20 glory

West indies dance their way to T20 glorious victory..

We and our clients are dancing, West Indies takes the T20 World Cup as we predicted